About Us

We have created thespiritualnumbers.com to provide you information on different aspects of life that deal with numbers. Our motto is to provide you with information that will help you understand how numbers can be interpreted and what deeper meanings they have. Along with this, we will also show you how it connects with your life. All this in one place.

We believe if we understand what our readers want then we can do better with our articles. Therefore we have provided a comment box in each and every article we wrote. This will help us connect with you. You can write to us and we will then answer all your questions. You can comment in the comment box to share your thoughts on these articles. We keep on updating our content so we could help you in the most efficient way possible. We will answer your questions on a daily basis.

What Made Us Take This Initiative?

There are many things in life and we face so many things in life, some of which we can’t even explain. We all may face somethings that we can’t explain to our closest of friends or family. They are things that you want to know and it is more than what meets the eye. One of which is the angel numbers.

So, one day I went for a haircut that cost me $22. After which I was going back to my place and my eyes stopped at the board which read the street number and it was 22nd street. Later I went to a cafe just to have something light and my bill came up to $22 and later that night my car stopped while coming back home and I had to take a taxi and the taxi driver said it was a $22 ride. At that moment I realized how much I have been seeing or hearing the number 22. That made me think why is this happening and after a lot of research from the internet and books I found that this aspect of life is called angel numbers.

Therefore I came up with an idea to share this on the internet and this aspect has a different perspective and I noticed how I have not found a website where I can get everything on 1 website. Therefore this website.

How We Intend To Help Our Readers?

It is not just angel numbers that we will help you understand. As we read and researched more, we got more into the term “Numerology” which means everything to do with numbers. Now numbers have different numbers and there are 12 numbers that are very important in numerology and further, they merge and give new meaning to life and to its different aspects.

Numerology does not just have angel numbers. There are many aspects of numerology that cover different aspects of life. For example, we have also focused on destiny numbers and numerology numbers. They tell us different things about our life and are more specific in nature. You will learn the difference and what it says in our articles.

Helping You Find Your True Self

Here at thespiritualnumbers, we aim to give you an insight into your life and its deeper meaning. It is said knowledge is power and we believe in this saying. We want to take you on a journey that will give you more knowledge about your life about your true self. A change of perspective can change the way you look at things. This can help you in many aspects of life and fill your life with positivity.

Through our informative blogs on spiritual numbers, you can use these resources to understand life at a different pace. Understand what is wrong and where you can improve. An insight like this can certainly help you with your problems and help you to turn your life around.

About Me

Hello to all my readers, My name is Alissa Taylor. I am a numerologist and a happiness coach. This website is for all you readers who are looking for some kind of answers for your life. There are situations where you won’t even know what you are looking for but you will only be able to understand it when you see it. That is where we come in to help and my expertise on these elements of life.

It is my honor to be able to help people. It is always easy to look into other and point their flaws. It is twice as tough to do the same to yourself. This is the first stage and the foundation of finding answers for your life. You need to understand yourself and be in a truce with the person you are and have a motive, a goal to become a person you want to be. That being said, I would love to support your journey of finding more about yourself and so I would hope my articles on different aspects of life that involve spirituality will help you.

Our Motto

We intend to provide information that is correct and updated in nature. We also try to make it as simple as possible and use language which is easy to understand. Along with this, we also want to solve our reader’s questions about life. We all have some of the other doubts and it keeps on coming and therefore using numerology we intend to help our readers guide them in their life.